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At a glance

Income-focused total returns are underpinned by our good quality and diversified portfolio, together with an efficient capital structure.


Our diversified portfolio is focused in Europe's two strongest economies, being the United Kingdom and Germany, within the retail, commercial and hotel sectors. The portfolio is weighted towards well-located properties across a range of asset classes, which benefit from strong demand and from which we believe we can capture income and value growth by attracting high calibre occupiers on long leases. Our portfolio strategy facilitates the sale of mature or underperforming assets without any material impact on our ability to deliver on our superior earnings commitment, with proceeds recycled into assets which we believe will deliver the best risk adjusted returns.


Our skilled management team has a strong track record in identifying assets and portfolios with clear upside potential for delivering income and value growth though active asset management initiatives and selective high yielding development, whilst adhering to prompt deal execution based on our robust investment criteria.