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Procedures and processes

The Board operates under a formal quarterly schedule of matters reserved for the Board. This ensures that the Company’s strategy and objectives, risks, Group operations, internal controls, policies and debt providers are all reviewed throughout the year.

Quarter 1
  • Year end results and associated items
Quarter 2
  • Review of all policies
  • Evaluation of the Board
Quarter 3
  • Interim results and associated items
  • Review matters reserved for the Board
Quarter 4
  • Review of Group strategy, objectives and corporate structure
  • Review of internal controls and risk management
  • Review of financial strategy
  • Review of marketing strategy


Evaluation of the Board

An external evaluation of the Board was conducted during 2016 and, as part of the process, an evaluator attended and observed the Board and committee meetings. Read the results of the external evaluation here. (Annual Report 2016 page 61).

Memorandum and articles of association

The Memorandum and Articles of Association were last approved by shareholders in January 2016.