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Performance and targets

Our performance

Since November 2014, Redefine International has been completing a formal property level environmental performance data collection and reporting process. This year's results are as shown below: 

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Energy consumption 2014 - 2016

During the year, the 18 UK based properties which we are able to include in the like-for-like portfolio analysis led to a two percent increase in energy consumption.  Electricity consumption was found to have decreased in the UK portfolio by one per cent, with a rise in gas consumption being the main contributor to the overall increase.

From 2015 to 2016, German based properties collectively achieved a five per cent reduction in energy use.  Energy consumption was found to have decreased at three out of the six properties that we can report data from within our German portfolio. At these properties, electricity consumption in particular decreased by 14 per cent, while use of the district stream increased by one per cent.


Total water consumption 2014 - 2016

During the year, two German based properties and seven UK based properties, which are included in the like-for-like portfolio analysis are collectively responsible for a three per cent increase in water consumption.

However, at asset level, water usage was found to have decreased at three of the nine sites reporting data, with the most significant reduction (1,506m3, representing a circa 40 per cent decrease) achieved at our UK Office in Chatham, The Observatory.

The German based properties collectively achieved a five per cent reduction in water consumption, while UK based properties were collectively responsible for a ten per cent increase.

Total waste arising 2015 v 2016

Comparative analysis undertaken on available waste data for our German assets has shown that 99.9% of waste has been incinerated at a waste to energy facility, whilst the small remainder is processed separately as either compost or recycled waste.

The seven UK assets reporting waste data, achieved a rate of 93.9 per cent for waste recycled to 'Refuse Derived Fuel'. Of the remainder, 5.8 per cent of the waste was sent to a recycling facility with the balance split between waste sent to an Incineration Facility (with energy recovery) and waste sent to an 'Off-site Materials Recovery Facility'.

Across the board, 100 per cent of waste was diverted from landfill between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016.

Waste data on the portfolio is limited, but improving and the over the coming year, we target an increase in portfolio coverage.

UK carbon footprint 2015 v 2016

During the year, total carbon emissions generated from UK assets in the like-for-like portfolio rose by five per cent to 8,055 tonnes of CO2e on an absolute basis.

The largest increase occurred in the hotel sector where properties collectively increased emissions by 538 tonnes of CO2e, representing a 15 per cent increase.

The UK Retail sector has however achieved a healthy carbon emissions reduction against the prior year.

The Group has received no environmental fines or penalties during the financial year.

Our targets

We have set overarching CSR objectives for each activity area, and have developed a roadmap of annual targets to support the effective delivery of these objectives. Various individuals within the business are responsible for the day-to-day management of our CSR targets, and we monitor progress against targets on a quarterly basis.