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Resilient assets


Redefine International will undertake asset management which maximises net asset value whilst providing the best experience possible for occupiers and visitors alike.

Redefine International will uphold this commitment by:

  • engaging with and contributing to charitable and community initiatives on an ongoing basis;
  • engaging with local authorities and supporting their community campaigns; 
  • collaborating with tenants to conceive and promote joint community projects;
  • understanding, enhancing and promoting the Group’s role as a place-maker, with a focus on creating and maintaining prosperous communities in the local areas where we invest;
  • ensuring key environmental and social risks are well managed when the Group is undertaking development activities and throughout the management of our portfolio; and 
  • engaging with tenants to better respond to their needs and position ourselves to anticipate future requirements.


Redefine International has continued to refine its procedures to manage environmental risks, reduce cost and futureproof its assets across the portfolio. Specifically:

  • the creation of an asset management working group; to ensure lessons learnt were discussed and best practice disseminated amongst the growing team.
  •  continued participation in the GRESB assessment process; 
  • completed an EPC risk review of the UK portfolio (see below);
  • active participation in the CSR event ‘Green Fest’ (see case study which follows);
  • in each of our Shopping Centres, our customers have nominated a local charity of their choice which will benefit from all charitable activities undertaken at each Centre fostering a great community spirit;
  • through the BCSC (now REVO, formerly the British Council for Shopping Centres); Redefine International won the Purple Apple award for marketing in relation to its CSR strategy and progress made; 
  • Weston Favell Shopping Centre's movie hub initiative won gold at the International Council of Shopping Centres European Marketing Awards. The Movie Hub initiative gave 400 local kids the opportunity to work on the preproduction of a feature film at the first operational film studio located in a UK shopping centre; and
  • our tenant satisfaction survey, which incorporates sustainability and social responsibility issues, has been developed and will be carried out during 2017.


Energy Performance Certification (EPC) risk

Redefine International’s exposure to risk from the forthcoming MEES legislation has been thoroughly reviewed for the UK portfolio with a view to identifying and integrating applicable EPC improvement measures into asset business plans ahead of legislative deadlines. Addressing the MEES risk is viewed as a necessary proactive step to take, and balances sustainability with regulation and stakeholders’ interests alike.


Further information

Our Performance and targets


Case studies

Title PDF
Green Fest pdf, 553KB, opens in a new window
Birchwood Recycling Project pdf, 731KB, opens in a new window
Grand Arcade – Reducing Environmental Impact pdf, 533KB, opens in a new window
St. George’s Reducing Environmental Impact pdf, 533KB, opens in a new window
West Orchards – Reducing Environmental Impact pdf, 675KB, opens in a new window